Are Black Windows on Trend?

If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is yes. Black windows have recently gained popularity and become a common trend in many modern homes. Interior and exterior design experts agree that black windows provide a multitude of advantages and design avenues to choose from based on your style. Black windows present an up-to-date modern look, but also complement everyday traditional and domestic interiors. Consider bold and beautiful black windows to turn your view into a work of art.

Black Windows Bring Interior and Exterior Advantages

Black windows pair well with the full spectrum of colors. Black interiors elevate windows into works of art, framing the outside view the way a mat frames a painting. Contrasting black windows with light-colored walls can help anchor a room and contribute to a polished, sophisticated space by adding depth and creating a focused visual impact. Using black windows with white trim is a simple and effective way to provide an ideal contrast and counterweight to the exterior of your home. Black windows can also add a dramatic tone to your interior and demand attention when paired with light-colored walls and furniture in kitchens and living rooms.

Attain a Desired Style with Black Windows

Eliminate the need for expensive window treatments with black windows, which are meant to be shown off and to accent your home décor. They also are flexible enough to accommodate multiple home styles, including the popular Farmhouse and Modern styles, all the while creating a stronger connection with the outdoors by blending exterior and interior spaces.

How to Achieve the Look

When choosing black windows for interiors or exteriors, there are several options to choose from to achieve the look. Take a look at some of the many Andersen products that offer black as an interior and/or exterior color option.
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