It’s too early to tell if we will have a white Christmas, but one thing’s for sure: Winter is coming! Do you know if your windows will be able to handle the season’s first storm?

Check for leaks 

It’s best to check your windows for leaks before the winter starts. If your windows do leak, they can cause damage to the frame, walls and floor near the window. If there is any reason to believe leaking will occur, get new windows immediately as it will prevent the costly damage of fixing your walls and floors down the road.

Do your windows close? 

If your windows don’t close properly, you’re in for a few very cold months. Installing new windows may be the answer. Being able to properly shut your windows is crucial in preventing the freezing air from seeping into your home. New windows that close tightly will avoid any heat from escaping your home.

Most drafts are caused by the window not being flush against the frame or cracks along the edges. A new window will fit snugly against the window frame and prevent drafts from entering.

Invest in new windows now to avoid costs later

We work with Andersen Windows which allows you to design your own windows and doors, or choose from its extensive collections. If you have any reason to believe leaking could occur this winter, installing Andersen Windows will be a wise choice as the investment will ensure you safeguard both your home’s internal comfort and your wallet from any costly repairs due to leaks.

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