The kitchen is the center of your house, and remodeling it may raise the value of your home. Investing in high-quality countertops is one of the most impactful upgrades you can use to enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Read on to understand the benefits of upgrading your kitchen with premium countertops.

High-Quality Countertops and Home Value: Things to Consider

First impressions matter, especially in the real estate market. Quality countertops can instantly elevate your kitchen’s visual appeal, impressing visitors and potential buyers. Investing in them allows you to enjoy a beautiful kitchen now and a higher home value in the long run. Consider the following points to maximize your countertop’s impact:

Selecting the Right Countertop Material

Choosing a suitable countertop material is crucial for achieving the desired look, durability, and maintenance needs. Here are some popular options to consider:


Granite countertops are a great addition to any kitchen because of their all-natural beauty and toughness. They come in various colors and patterns, providing a unique and timeless appeal. Regular sealing ensures that your granite worktops continue to shine and retain their exquisite appearance for years.


Engineered quartz countertops offer a wide range of colors and patterns. They are highly durable, non-porous, and require minimal maintenance. Quartz is also resistant to scratches and stains, making it an ideal choice for busy kitchens.


For an elegant and luxurious look, marble countertops are an excellent option. It offers a cool surface for handling your cooking tasks. Proper care and maintenance are crucial as the marble is more susceptible to staining and etching.


Wood countertops offer a warm and natural appeal to your kitchen. Different wood species like maple, walnut, and oak are available, each with unique grain patterns and colors. Regular sealing, occasional sanding, and resealing are necessary to maintain the countertop’s beauty and durability.

Enhancing Functionality with Countertop Features

In addition to the material, certain countertop features can enhance the functionality of your kitchen. Some of the popular ones include:

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks create a seamless and clean look while allowing for easy cleanup and maintenance. Since no gaps exist for bacteria or mold to grow, countertops with sinks offer a healthier kitchen option.

Built-in Cutting Boards

Built-in cutting boards are a convenient and space-saving addition to kitchen countertops. These cutting boards seamlessly fit into the surface to provide a dedicated space for food preparation and ensure a tidy kitchen.

Edge Profiles

Edge profiles refer to the shape and finish of the edges of your countertops. They can add a touch of elegance and style to your kitchen. From beveled and bullnose edges to waterfall and ogee edges, there are numerous options to match your kitchen design. Each profile offers a different look and style, from modern and sleek to traditional and elegant. When choosing an edge profile, consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and consult with professionals.

Finding the Right Countertop Designer and Installer

You should choose a reputable designer and installer for a seamless countertop upgrade. Consider the following tips to identify quality experts near you:

Research and Reviews

Conducting research and reading reviews is crucial when hiring a countertop installation professional. Online research, customer testimonials, and referrals can help you find kitchen designers with credentials and expertise. You can also check portfolios and visit showrooms to assess their quality.

Experience and Expertise

Choose an installer with vast experience in handling your chosen countertop material. They should be able to guide you through the selection process and provide expert advice.

Licensing and Insurance

When selecting a countertop installer, it is essential to ensure they are licensed and insured. A license indicates that the professional has met the requirements and standards of relevant authorities. On the other hand, insurance protects you and the installer in the event of any unforeseen accidents or damages during installation.

Budgeting for Your Countertop Upgrade

Upgrading your kitchen countertops can be a significant investment, so make certain to establish a realistic budget. Consider the following factors when budgeting:

Material Costs

The cost of countertop materials varies based on factors such as rarity, quality, and brand. Research different options and obtain quotes from multiple suppliers to find the best material for your budget.

Installation Costs

Installation costs depend on the project’s complexity, including the number of cuts, edge profiles, and any additional features you choose. Consider it while preparing your project budget.

Return on Investment

While it’s important to consider your expenses, the potential ROI is also essential when selecting high-quality countertops. Investing more upfront can pay off in the long run when it comes to increasing your home’s value.

Adding Personal Style and Customization

Your kitchen should reflect your style and preferences. While selecting countertops, consider the following customization options to make your kitchen unique:

Color and Pattern Selection

Choose a color and pattern that complements your kitchen cabinetry, flooring, and overall design aesthetic.

Backsplash Integration

Coordinate your countertop design with a supportive backsplash to create a cohesive and visually appealing look.


Consider incorporating under-cabinet lighting to highlight the beauty of your countertops and create an inviting ambiance in your kitchen.

Understanding Maintenance Requirements

Proper maintenance is essential to preserve your high-quality countertop’s life and attractiveness. The following are some maintenance tips to remember:

Regular Cleaning

Wipe down your countertops with a mild detergent and water solution to remove spills and debris. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface.


Some countertop materials, such as granite, will require periodic sealing to prevent stains and maintain their appearance. Follow the sealant manufacturers’ recommendations for usage frequency.

Avoiding Heat and Impact

Place hot pots and pans on heat-resistant pads or trivets to prevent heat damage. Be cautious with heavy objects that could potentially chip or crack the surface.

You can transform your kitchen into a stunning focal point by upgrading your kitchen with high-quality countertops. For acquiring and installing gorgeous kitchen countertops, you may require professional assistance. Excelsior Lumber Company’s experts with decades of experience can help you increase the ambiance of your home with an attractive countertop. Contact us now or visit our New Jersey showroom for kitchen design and countertop demos!

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