Is Your Home Ready For Hurricane Season?

New Jersey’s tropical storm activity is typically between August and late October, while the Atlantic hurricane season lasts until late November. Recently, the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida damaged several homes in the tri-state area. Protecting your home during a tropical storm starts with having the right windows, doors and panels.

Fiberglass Doors

You can secure your home with entry fiberglass doors that can withstand heavy winds and flying objects. Fiberglass doors can be made to look like wood but can protect your home for a more extended period and will not rot or warp, unlike real wood. We work with Andersen Windows and their collection. Our customization makes your door and window options nearly endless.

Whether you want a single fiberglass front door or two doors that swing out, a fiberglass wood frame can increase curb appeal and bring incredibly realistic mahogany or maple tones to your home with an additional sense of safety.

Metal Doors

Stainless steel or aluminum metal doors can be good choices for the country’s more hurricane-prone regions. These stand up well against heavy winds, hurricanes, and even the flying debris that tornadoes kick up.

Steel doors can actually emulate the appearance of handpicked wood grain in terms of texture. Steel doors are usually selected for security reasons, but because they require such little upkeep and can be easily installed with bonded hinges and hold fasts, they’re gaining popularity among homeowners.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are ideal for separating a terrace or patio from your indoor space. These kinds of doors can come with insulated-laminated glass for a surprising amount of protection against the elements.

Protecting your home correctly can easily save you thousands of dollars in other damages in the coming years. We also carry Simpson Strong-Tie products including metal connectors, such as hurricane ties and joist hangers, shearwall panels to reinforce a home’s walls, and anchor and fastening systems.


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