Whether buying a new home or remodeling your existing home, you always tend to focus on designing and decorating the living and dining spaces. However, the kitchen and bathrooms need some attention to look good. Along with functionality, they also need excellent aesthetics. The new year is one of the best times to start thinking about re-doing your kitchens and bathrooms. Rather than a traditional set-up, you can utilize the tips mentioned here to try out modern kitchen and bathroom designs.

Modern Kitchen And Bathroom Design Trends

Open Layout Spaces

Open-concept layouts have been becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. These layouts are flexible and give a spacious appeal to your space. An open-concept layout allows you to connect multiple rooms with walls or temporary dividers.

Without no blockages in sight, this automatically gives your home a spacious feel. It also allows for the movement of natural light through windows. An open layout can give more room to attach appliances or kitchen storage space. For bathrooms, an open area makes the room bigger and allows for easy movement within the space.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is becoming more prevalent in almost every area of your lives, including your living spaces. Smart technology like AI has become increasingly popular because of voice commands and motion sensors.

For example, with a home control device with smart technology, you can control your appliances with your voice or pre-recorded instructions. Motion sensor lights are a significant advantage in the bathroom as they help you with visibility during the night. Smart technology can also control your home’s shower or bath water pressure and other electrical appliances.

Antique Decor

Although it may sound odd, antiques can significantly elevate the look and feel of a modern living space. Vintage and refurbished items have been gaining popularity in recent times.

You can easily use vintage cupboards or a chest of drawers in the kitchen and the bathroom. It allows for a lot of storage and, at the same time, can be modified to align with the modern aspect of your design.

Vibrant Color Schemes

While color schemes may not be your top priority, they still impact how beautiful your kitchen or bathrooms may look. The kitchen is the heart of any home; you don’t want to use too many dark colors and create a heavy atmosphere.

Using lighter colors, you can make your kitchen a softer, more nurturing space for family members. Similarly, you do not want your bathroom to look dark and heavy. Using lighter shades allows natural light to reflect ad gives the illusion of more space.

Organic Materials

No matter how modern you want your kitchen and bathrooms to look, you can never go wrong with organic materials. The natural aesthetic appeal is matched by the environmentally friendly quality of the materials. For example, natural stone countertops can be used in your kitchen platforms and for your bathroom vanity counters.

Marble tiles also come in various designs and can provide a durable and beautiful look to your private spaces. Unlike other manufactured or artificial materials, organic materials are more durable, meaning they can withstand a good amount of wear and tear.


The tips mentioned here can help take your modern kitchens and bathrooms go from drab to fab without sacrificing quality or comfort. Whether it’s smart technology or aesthetically-pleasing light colors, everything has a way of elevating your home and making them look better than others. At Excelsior Lumber, we take great pride in providing homeowners the exceptions modern kitchens and bathrooms they need. In addition, we make sure to create environment-friendly spaces that look good in any weather. Contact us, and we can help you design and build your state-of-the-art kitchen and bathrooms.

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