Eastern Engineered Wood Products

Eastern Engineered Wood Products
Engineered Lumber

Nordic I-Joists, Rimboard, Treated Glulams, and LVL columns

Excelsior Lumber procures Eastern Engineered Wood Products’ Nordic I-joists, rimboard, treated glulams, and LVL columns.


The StructurePRO LVL line is made in a controlled environment where each LVL is cured with waterproof adhesives. Each product is made using a machine to rip the beams, ensuring uniform sizes. StructurePRO is quality controlled by the APA.

StructurePRO Treated Glulam beams are often utilized for outdoor living spaces such as decks. Glulam beams from Eastern Engineered Wood Products are made of southern pine and treated with a light solvent compared to other places which may utilize a wet treatment.


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