When it comes to a full blown kitchen remodel, it’s no secret that cabinets are the focal point. Since for most people the purchase and installation of cabinetry is a one-time event, it’s important to make a well-informed decision right from the start. Before deliberating styles and finishes, the decision between custom, semi-custom, or stock cabinets, is the starting point.

We’re not afraid to say it:  semi-custom cabinets are our personal and customer’s favorite, and our top recommendation; here’s why:
Semi-custom cabinets provide the perfect balance between style, quality, price, and lead time. Even with most of the benefits of fully custom cabinets and the avoidance of most pain points of stock cabinets (such as lack of quality, service, and style), it’s still offered at very attractive pricing.

Here’s a visual example of what we’re describing:

If for whatever reason semi-custom is not a perfect fit, we’re here to provide a bit more information about the other choices to allow for a well-informed decision.

The 3 Choices Explained

Stock cabinets are mass-produced products that are generally available in a variety of predetermined finishes and colors, not leaving much room for personalization. They also come with a very basic selection of functionality. Standard sizes of wall and base cabinets are of the standard variety, and not much else is offered. However, this does mean that they are the least expensive choice, and usually, but not always, available for immediate pickup at local retail stores so if you find yourself in a cabinet crunch at 9 PM, this is indeed the top choice.

Semi-custom cabinets, as previously mentioned, provide many styles, endless color options, and custom features to create the ideal cabinet setup for any space. These are usually, as it is in the case of Fabuwood, produced and manufactured to order, which means it can be customized to fit any layout, storage needs, and built-in accessory options.

When it comes to custom, it is the most luxurious choice of the three. This option essentially allows for the most customizable options – from rare materials and finishes to flexible dimensions and unique or eccentric designs. With custom cabinets, the only limit is your imagination. However, the price will be steep, and the wait time is quite long.

The top choice
While custom and stock cabinets may have their benefits, they are heavily outweighed by the benefits of semi-custom cabinets. Ready to accommodate any design, layout, style, and wallet, semi-custom cabinets are the perfect transformative centerpiece to your beautiful new kitchen. Contact our design professionals of Excelsior Kitchens and Baths to help walk you through your entire kitchen renovation project.

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