We are thrilled to provide Phoenix Manufacturing Inc VueTube railing systems. VueTube is their premiere horizontal baluster system. Our team at Excelsior Lumber and Kaslander Lumber company find this system to be both beautiful and functional as VueTube Railings provide an interesting alternative to stainless cables for customers who are looking for the stunning look of a horizontal rail system.

Their Benefits:
  • Sleek beautiful lines.
  • Easier to install than cable.
  • Requires less maintenance than cable.
  • Just a periodic cleaning with mild soap and water.
More Details:
  • Each horizontal run is a five-piece system consisting of two button brackets and two coupler tubes which connect the 5/8″ diameter aluminum balusters to the posts.
  • Intermediate blade balusters are required for runs over 4′.
  • Swivel adaptors and intermediate stair blade balusters are available for stair applications.
  • Balusters are available in 6′ or 8′ lengths.
  • VueTube comes in black or anodized color.
  • Compatible with aluminum or PVC posts.
  • The aluminum balusters are powder-coated and come with a 10-year warranty.


Visit the Inspiration Gallery to see more VueTube installations or download the VueTube Installation Guide here.

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