Fiberglass insulated doors, solid wood and metal insulated doors are best for keeping the cold out of your home. Fortunately, Excelsior & Kaslander Lumber Company carries all three despite any shortages the industry is experiencing. 


Let’s begin with Therma-Tru as it is the brand that many professionals prefer because it provides up to four times the insulating R-Value of wood. This feature helps you save money on energy costs. Additionally, it doesn’t absorb moisture, which eliminates the risk of rotting, warping, peeling and bubbling. And since it is built with a polyurethane foam core, Therma-Tru fiberglass doors insulate against both cold and heat. 

Solid Wood 

Solid wood doors are probably some of the most beautiful doors in the market today and have endless design and finish options. From as basic as a flat door, to as ornate as a panel door with detailed carvings and profiling, the options are endless. Due to the inherent properties of wood, these doors are great for dampening sound and they don’t conduct heat or cold.

Steel Exterior Doors

These doors are not only the crown jewel of energy-efficiency, but they are excellent thermal insulators as well. The one catch is that great care needs to be applied when handling them. Steel exterior doors are excellent conductors of heat, so it’s a good idea to keep them cool by adding a door shade or awning. These features are also ideal for energy-efficiency. 

When new doors are not in the cards right now…

If you can’t upgrade your doors yet, consider some DIY methods to stop the drafts from getting into your home. Draft stoppers are a temporary solution that can prevent heat from leaking out and cold air from seeping in. You can also consider a vinyl foam weather seal to create a tighter seal around the top and sides of your exterior door. And while you are at it, remember to also seal your windows this winter. 

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