While lighting is an essential part of interior decor, natural lights especially have an extraordinary effect on the way a particular room looks and feels. Though side windows and doors provide the necessary ventilation and sunshine during the day, skylights and roof windows are unmatched when it comes to filling a room with natural lighting. When done right, they can lend an enhanced and ethereal appearance to any room. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they also have a number of other benefits.

Reasons Why You Should Install Skylights and Roof Windows

Here are some of the benefits of installing skylights and roof windows in your house.

Brightens up the Room Evenly

Primarily, skylights and roof windows allow natural light to brighten up the interiors of your house. With regular windows, the lighting within the rooms can be unevenly distributed at times, depending on the time of the day and the position of the sun. But skylights and roof windows let in light in a concentrated manner, distributing the lights equally all around the room. This way, the lighting within a room is balanced, unlike with standard windows.

Provides Natural Light Even in a Clustered Building

With the rapid increase in population and industrialization, more and more buildings and apartments are springing up each day. In fact, there are almost no single-storeyed constructions these days. With buildings and apartments being clustered together, several rooms or even the entire apartment might not get any access to natural light. But with roof windows and skylights, you can add ventilation and natural light to a room, in case it is surrounded by other buildings on all sides.

Saves Energy and Cuts Cost

The biggest benefit of installing skylights is that it ensures a constant source of light during the day. Since the roof windows and skylights light up a room in a balanced manner, you might not even require any artificial lights throughout the day. Your need for electric lights would be limited, which can save you more money in terms of electricity in the long run. Especially during the winter seasons, the natural light from the roof windows will also bring with it the sun’s warmth, naturally heating the room on a cold winter day.

Air Quality and Circulation Are Better

Installing a skylight can improve the circulation of air in the rooms of your house. The quality of air is also bound to get better. Improved air quality is an essential aspect of enhancing your quality of living. And natural sunlight is an essential source of Vitamin D, in addition to the several other health benefits of natural light.

Natural light ensures that the interiors of the room are free of any kind of dampness and that no moss or fungus gets to grow in the unlit corners of the rooms. Skylights ensure healthier indoor air circulation. Moreover, in the summer months, skylights and roof windows function as a vent for the summer heat that gets collected during the day. You can keep the roof windows open during the evening, especially at night, in the summer months.

Offers More Privacy

In a way, regular windows or side windows compromise your privacy, as they open into another room or, at times, share a wall with another wing of the house or building. But with skylights and roof windows, your privacy cannot be jeopardized at all. A skylight ensures your privacy while carrying out the function of a regular window at the same time.

Include Skylights in the Bathroom

Having skylights in the bathroom can absolutely change the entire bathing experience for you, making it more relaxing with the addition of natural light. Plus, it is also a good outlet for letting out steam when you are running a hot bath.

Adds to the Space of the Room

Side windows might at times, make a room look smaller than it actually might be. On the other hand, since skylights and roof windows do not occupy any space on any of the four walls of the room and are instead set into the roofline, they provide you with that extra space and make the rooms appear more spacious. You can use the additional space on the walls that might have been occupied by a regular window for decorative purposes.

Increases the Home Value

One of the most significant benefits of installing skylights and roof windows is that this is potentially one of the best interior decor additions to a property, especially if it is residential. Nowadays skylights and roof windows are so popular that buyers are willing to pay a little extra for houses that have roof windows pre-installed. In case you intend to sell your home in the future, installing roof windows can actually be a really good idea to increase its resale value.

Moreover, with a skylight that can completely open or a roof window that is wide enough, you can even access the rooftop of your residence. The skylight can be designed so that it can easily lead to the rooftop with the help of a folding staircase.

Not only do skylights and roof windows provide optimum ventilation and air circulation, but they are also a great investment, making them a far better choice when compared to side windows. They ensure great functionality as well as add to the decorative appeal of the home interior.

If you are planning to install skylights and roof windows in your place of residence, our team at Excelsior & Kaslander Lumber Company offers you a wide variety of windows and roof fittings, that can enforce your vision for the rooms in your house while providing adequate ventilation.

We also accept custom orders for skylights and roof windows. We take care of all your skylight and roof windows fitting needs, from the installation process to adding the finishing touches. Our building materials are high-performance, and we promise to provide you with the best service possible. Contact us today to get a quote for your next home improvement project!

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